Aerostar Hot Air Parts Providers

Sioux Falls, SD (September 5, 2012) —Aerostar International, Inc. has selected a group of companies to carry on the supply of repair and replacement parts for Raven/Aerostar hot air balloons. These companies will take over the supply and distribution of parts in early 2013. Aerostar recognizes that the owners of Raven/Aerostar hot air balloons have made a large investment in their aircrafts and the necessity for parts to be available well into the future.

The following companies will be future suppliers:

Parts Authority, a wholly owned subsidiary of Balloonacy Ltd. located in Fayetteville, GA owned by David Sullivan. Parts Authority will be supplying the majority of the standard parts for the burners, gondolas and envelopes. Their product offerings will include fuel lines, O-rings, assorted hardware and fittings.

SuperiAire Technologies LLC, located in Albuquerque, NM owned by Lorie and Matt Guthrie. SuperiAire Technologies will be supplying sewn assemblies including top-caps and skirts for envelopes.

Lindstrand USA, located in Galena, IL owned by Phil Thompson. Lindstrand USA has been a supplier of Diamond Weave fabric since 2008 and will continue in that capacity. They will also be supplying other fabrics needed to support Aerostar balloons including lightweight soar-coat fabrics and fire retardant Nomex fabrics.

These companies were selected based on their long standing reputations and commitment to the sport of hot air ballooning. These companies share our dedication to the quality of our products and the safety of our owners and their passengers.

Raven/Aerostar is proud to be the originator of the modern day hot air balloon. Our commitment has always been to provide a high quality, safe and reliable product to our customers. We are confident that these companies will carry this commitment to the owners, pilots and passengers of Raven/Aerostar balloons.


Aerostar International, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raven Industries (Nasdaq: RAVN), a U.S. manufacturer providing Aerospace Products, Military Products, Tethered Aerostats, Protective Wear, Marine Navigation Products and Custom Inflatables to various markets. Raven Aerostar has been involved in lighter-than-air products since the 1950s. Today, Aerostar engineers and manufactures aerostats for military and non-military use. Aerostar also manufactures personnel and cargo parachutes for the U.S. Army, protective wear for all branches of the military, high-altitude super-pressure balloons for NASA, high-altitude airships for the Space Missile Defense Command and custom character inflatables for the largest Thanksgiving Day Parade and theme parks.


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