Aerostar announces a historic achievement: 500 consecutive days of operations in the stratosphere. With high altitude balloons aloft somewhere in the world every single day from December 12, 2022 to April 25, 2024, Aerostar demonstrated persistent operations in the stratosphere and covered more than 265,936 nautical miles. With more than 2 million total flight hours in the stratosphere, successful missions over all seven continents, and single balloon flights exceeding 150 days duration, Aerostar has proven global reach and capabilities to operate in diverse environments.

“At Aerostar, we believe not even the sky is the limit! This collaboration is one of the ways Aerostar demonstrates our commitment to make a difference in our community and nurture future generations to pursue careers in the aerospace industry.”

Aerostar's long-duration high-altitude Thunderhead balloons are exploring new frontiers, flying across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to validate extended endurance and navigation capabilities. Aerostar Flight HBAL574, was launched on December 9th, 2021, and traveled 48,000 mi across the Pacific and back, visiting the Galápagos Islands and Hawaii before returning to Texas for system recovery 156 days later.