Aerostar Announces Introduction of New Tethered Aerostat Product Family


SIOUX FALLS, SD – October 15, 2007 – On September 12th, Aerostar International successfully deployed the TIF-25KTM Aerostat System, the first in their new line of large tethered aerostat systems. The TIF-25K is a complete turn-key aerostat system consisting of a 76 ft. long aerostat with a swivel gantry mooring trailer and winch system. The standard system configuration will fly user payloads weighing up to 250 lbs. to 1000 ft. AGL from 5000 ft. MSL.

The purpose of the TIF-25K Aerostat System is to provide users with a turnkey, easy to use, mobile aerial platform, which can be deployed within hours of arrival on site. The universal payload sled design allows payloads of any configurations to be flown providing them with up to 3kVA of power. Examples of the payloads which can be flown would be cameras, communications equipment, atmospheric test equipment, sensor arrays and monitoring devices. The main winch is capable of handling up to 4500’ of powered tether cable.

This very impressive deployment was performed by the Aerostar Field Services Group and customer, SkySentry, LLC. with support from NASA Glenn, Plum Brook Station. The aerostat’s maiden flight was to 1100’ in winds of 25 mph with gusts to 30 mph. During the flight the aerostat provided a very stable platform for the on-board camera system. When not being utilized for payload testing, the aerostat is moored on the trailer which swivels 360 degrees and acts like a weathervane pointing into the wind.

“We are extremely pleased with the flight characteristics of the aerostat when at altitude and moored. The inflation and deployment to trailer was flawless, the aerostat performed as specified at altitude and the mooring trailer is an incredible piece of engineering. We feel our mooring trailer is a significant step forward  from the current industry standards due to the ease of use and amenities provided to the end user.” said Mark West, President Aerostar International, Inc. “We know the aerostat and its intended operational function of providing a payload testing platform for payloads to be flown on airships and other vehicles will be very successful”.

The image above [not shown] is the aerostat at a flight altitude of 1100’. As the first aerostat in the new product line produced by Aerostar International, there are four other sizes in various stages of development. The other sizes are one smaller, the TIF-12K (a tactical quick deployment system) and three larger sizes, the TIF- 50K, TIF-75K and TIF-120K (for larger payloads requiring more power and/or greater flight altitudes).

For more information on the new product line or for specifications on the TIF-25K Aerostat System, please contact:

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