Aerostar International Recognized for Contribution to Operation Enduring Freedom and PGSS


Aerostar International Recognized for Contribution to Operation Enduring Freedom and PGSS

Sioux Falls, SD - On February 10, 2011, Commander Craig Laws of the Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division, Special Surveillance Programs recognized Aerostar International, Inc. for its outstanding service, unwavering commitment and tireless dedication as a supplier of vital tethered aerostats, currently being used for force protection under Operation Enduring Freedom. CDR Laws explained his appreciation for the quick response Aerostar achieved through the Persistent Ground Surveillance System program (PGSS). He referenced several life-saving missions attained by the use of the PGSS aerostat systems. Laws expressed his gratitude to the Aerostar team by calling its employees ‘Great Americans’ and thanked all for their continued support of soldiers in Afghanistan. PGSS has made a significant impact on many by successfully identifying improvised explosive devices (IED’s) and insurgents, ultimately saving lives.

Commander Craig Laws Recognizes Aerostar's Contribution to Operating Enduring Freedom and PGSS

The presented award states “Aerostar International, Inc. - For your outstanding service, unwavering commitment and tireless dedication. Your contributions resulted in the rapid fielding of the Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS). Your significant accomplishments made large and positive contributions to the program and are key reasons for the success over the past year.  Thank you for your efforts, Mr. Alex Lovett, Special Assistant OSD/DDR&E/RFD.” The presentation ended with company and personal achievement awards presented to Dan Rykhus, Lon Stroschein, Mark West, Martin Harms, Pat Thies, Mike Greco, and Deborah Husby. 

In less than one year, Aerostar’s first four aerostat systems have over 22,000 flight hours providing continuous persistent surveillance. Lon Stroschein, President said, “PGSS and other aerostat programs operating in Afghanistan have been credited for saving lives by detecting insurgent activity near Forward Operating Bases.  It's a great feeling for our employees to know that our South Dakota based manufacturing company is contributing to the war effort, while saving money for taxpayers.”Aerostar International, Inc. provides PGSS with rapidly deployable tethered aerostats for communication, intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance payloads. Currently, the aerostats provided to PGSS are TIF-25K™ models which are approximately 25,000 cu ft in volume and 75 ft in length.

About Aerostar International

Aerostar International, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raven Industries (Nasdaq NGS: RAVN), a U.S. manufacturer providing Aerospace Products, Military Products, Tethered Aerostats, Protective Wear, Marine Navigation Products and Custom Inflatables to various markets. Raven Aerostar has been involved in lighter-than-air products since the 1950’s.  Today, Raven Aerostar engineers and manufactures aerostats for military and non-military use.  Aerostar also manufactures personnel and cargo parachutes for the U.S. Army, protective wear for all branches of the military, high-altitude super-pressure balloons for NASA, high-altitude airships for the Space Missile Defense Command and custom character inflatables for the largest Thanksgiving Day Parade and theme parks.

About Raven Industries, Inc.

Since 1956, Raven Industries has provided high-quality, high-value technical products.  Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for innovation, product quality, high performance and unmatched service.  With strengths in engineering and technological innovation, Raven provides custom solutions including precision agriculture applications, high performance specialty films, aerostats for communications and surveillance, and electronic manufacturing services.  

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