Dakota State STEM students visit Raven

On August 15, Raven Industries had the pleasure of educating and showing thirty-four students from Dakota State University's STEM Summer Institute program around Downtown Headquarters and Raven Aerostar's Sioux Falls Industrial Park locations. Students learned about our technologies, then went on tours of both locations. Though the visit was brief, it was very impactful to the students:

"Thank you for accommodating us on the tour of the Raven Industries building and Raven Aerostar facility," commented Dr. Jim Maloney, Assistant Professor of Physics at Dakota State University and facilitator of the STEM Summer Institute Program, "Although we had a bit of a quiet bunch, I can tell they were quite impressed. They talked about the tour almost non-stop on the ride back to Madison, and several of the students were still discussing the tour throughout the rest of the week."

Internally, this event was a great way to showcase how Raven partners with STEM education, bringing team members across the company together to invest in the future of solving great challenges. "As we move forward, we will continue to engage in activities that promote STEM education and the great work being performed at Raven," commented Sean Turgeon, Program Manager