Raven Aerostar Helps Stanford Students with Space Research

Stanford's Student Space Initiative (SSI) is Stanford University's largest project-based student group, founded in 2013 with the mission of giving future leaders of the space industry the hands-on experience and broader insight they need to realize the next era of space development.

Raven Aerostar Business Analyst, Mary Palmer, the recipient of this kind hand-drawn thank-you (pictured in header), has been helping SSI students with a fascinating project in collaboration with Raven Associates Ann Ogle, Randy Scott, and Kurt Sehnert.

I’ve been working with this group since May of last year to launch rockets from balloons, or rockoons! They are currently testing their rocket launch concepts from latex and our small zero pressure balloons. Raven’s willingness to support these types of innovative student projects is just one of the many ways we help solve great challenges.

— Mary Palmer, Raven Aerostar Business Analyst

SSI has been developing and launching rockoons (rocket balloons) as part of the Spaceshot project, which is a collaboration between their Balloons and Rockets teams. The idea is that rockoons enhance rocket performance by enabling the rocket to avoid the thick lower stratosphere before launching. Plus, balloons are a relatively cheap way to gain access to the stratosphere. SSI's Spaceshot project is working to become the first college team to send a rocket to the 100-kilometer Karman Line by utilizing this unique approach.

Raven Aerostar is proud to partner and help develop university research projects, which is one of the many ways that Raven supports STEM education.