Raven Industries to Provide Aerostat Surveillance for LifeLight Music Festival


Sioux Falls, SD (August 23, 2012) — Raven Aerostar will provide a tethered aerostat equipped with a day to night infrared camera for situational awareness and security use at the 2012 LifeLight South Dakota Festival, to be held August 31-September 2. Aerostar’s TIF-6500 tethered aerostat is approximately 6500 cubic feet in volume and will operate at 500 feet above ground level, assisting LifeLight officials and local law enforcement in crowd and traffic control. This is Aerostar’s second year assisting with LifeLight operations.

Aerostar has over 50 years of experience in lighter-than-air platforms and technology. Tethered aerostats provide surveillance, intelligence, communication and reconnaissance for varied missions, including port and homeland security, critical infrastructure, forest fire surveillance and force protection. In 2010, Aerostar was awarded for its outstanding service, unwavering commitment and tireless dedication as a supplier of vital tethered aerostats providing forward operating base protection under Operation Enduring Freedom.

Additionally, Raven Aerostar provided a TIF-25K tethered aerostat system and flight operation services in support of the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation efforts in Sturgis, SD August 5-11. Aerostar Flight Operations specialists supported state and local law enforcement officials during various investigations throughout the week.

“Raven Aerostar is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and appreciates the opportunity to provide additional safety efforts to these events,” commented Lon Stroschein, Aerostar division vice president and general manager. “LifeLight is an exceptional event in South Dakota, and we are happy to support the law enforcement agencies who work many hours of overtime during LifeLight to help keep everyone safe.”

Surveillance at LifeLight 2011

TIF-6000 bottom view

Raven’s Engineered Films division also donated a 124’x110’ sheet of plastic to LifeLight to be used as a pond liner for their baptismal water feature.

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