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Aerostar's Zero Pressure Balloons have been used as highly reliable platforms by scientific and military end-users since the late 1940’s.

These high altitude balloons are designed to successfully carry payloads from a few pounds to over four tons to the edge of space to gather valuable information. Quickly deployable and cost-effective, these high altitude balloons are capable of short and long duration flights that serve a wide range of dynamic and critical missions.

With an impressive 10+ year record of 100% success rate for large Zero Pressure Balloons, Aerostar’s flight operations systems and crews ensure payloads reach flight altitude, gather critical information, and are recovered successfully.

The Lightning Balloon System provides a logistics- and cost-optimized solution for support of tactical operations. Typical missions range from hours to a few days for small payloads up to 25 pounds. The Lightning Balloon System is based on zero-pressure balloons and can be hand-launched by a two-person team from a small vehicle or boat.



The performance of the Aerostar balloons has been outstanding. The scientists are elated with the altitude profiles. It's clear that Aerostar's commitment to quality is paying dividends to the science community. These balloons are absolutely perfect."

— Danny Ball, Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility Site Manager

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